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2021 LAUNCHPAD - Back to School Bonus Library

Everything you need to get a practical, streamlined start to proficiency - for the very best price. 

$365 $97 Includes:

1. Lifetime access to all presentations

2. PD Certificate

3. Language Proficiency Mini-Unit (Adapted for Distance Learning) by Bertha Delgadillo ($20 value) 

"This world language proficiency unit is a play by play lesson of how you can introduce the concept of proficiency and second language acquisition to your students. While this isn't necessary for language acquisition to take place in our classrooms, it certainly motivates students through metacognitive practices.

The unit is to be delivered in English. Depending on the time you spend with your students, it may take one to two weeks to cover the suggested content. Because this is created in English. It can be a great unit for other World Language Classes such as French, German, Italian, and more.

This makes a great start up activity to embed during the first weeks of any back to school season. It guides students to get to know proficiency levels with descriptors. It also leads GEN Z students to understand the reason behind class activities through an exploration of different communication modes.


4. Full eBook on Brain-Based Teaching from Yanina Jimenez ($25 value)

Brand new, redesigned ebook with all the latest research on how to optimize your lessons and learning environment to best reach each student through brain-based instruction with step-by-step guides, posters, and lesson ideas. 

5. FULL curriculum workshop with La Libre ($47 value)

 How to design and streamline your curriculum for proficiency in 4 hours or less. We'll work through a real level 1 Spanish curriculum together, including IPA design, unit structure, topic ideas, decolonization, and personalization. Over 30 pages of handouts and 6 modules 

6. 35% off all physical and digital La Libre teacher planners 

7. Spanish and French semester starter kit from La Libre ($80 value - 40 each) 

You know everything you wish you had to get started? This kit has it. Includes virtual field trips for both French and Spanish-speaking countries, back to school poster sets, digital interactive notebooks, and bestselling digital culture lesson plans and readings for level 1-2 proficiency classrooms. 

8. 90% Target Language Slide Bundle - Editable (from Kevin Quigley) ($15 value)

In French, but editable for all languages. 

This bundle of four ready-to-use slideshows is designed to get your students thinking and talking about the world around them. Topics include: food, toys and school. Each slideshow is a series of compelling images from around the world. Speaker notes included. Slides in French but the limited text is easily editable.

9. French Resources from Pav D of FLE avec MME D

10. Exclusive Instructional Coaching and French Teacher Resources from Allison Litten of CI Can Teach

11. Back to School Webinars from Claudia Elliot of Growing with Proficiency (over $40 value) 

4 Incredible webinars on your most pressing challenges for proficiency via Zoom : how to stay in the target language, how to build relationships, how to build engagement with music, and how to assess for proficiency . These two expert presenters even included ready-to-resources with each webinar to get you started right away. 

12. Behavior Reflection Form - by Rachel Freeman of Safe Space Teaching ($15 value)

Ever find yourself stuck with difficult student behaviors? Use the Behavior Reflection Form to uncover the underlying function of the behavior, how to address it, and how to keep track of it with ease.

13. Boom Flashcards for Spanish and French ($25 value)

A robust collection of back-to-school themed boom flashcards to get you ready for the start of the year. For French teachers, back to school vocabulary and terms, and for Spanish teachers, a set for verbs like gustar. 

14. Spanish Choice Boards by Ellen Shrager of Minute by Minute Spanish ($25 value)

Four asynchronous CHOICEBOARDS are perfect for those unexpected weather-related async days.  Students choose learning about art, food, music, crafts, sports, dance and more from Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela.


15. Mis Clases Locas 1st Week Bundle ($20 value)

This Spanish class back-to-school bundle includes everything you need for a successful first week of teaching Spanish class. This bundle includes Syllabi for Spanish 1-4, Parent Newsletter Template, Google Slideshow of 1st-week activities, Proficiency Puzzle, Yearly, Monthly & Weekly lesson templates, Pre-Unit 1 plan, plus bonus Mi Verano Find Someone Who for upper-level Spanish. 

16. French Classroom Poster Bundle from Tia Parnell (valued at $25)

Set your French students up for success in September with these printable posters!
Included Products: 
  • French Writing Process Pencil & Posters 
  • French Scientific Method Posters 
  • French Verb Posters - le présent et le passé composé 
  • Les mots de transition poster 
  • French Mental Health Poster 
  • French Notre Famille Poster 
  • French Alphabet Posters 
  • French Peer Editing Anchor Chart | L'évaluation des pairs 
  • French Listening Strategies Posters | Les stratégies d'écoute 
  • French Handwashing Posters 
  • French Elements of Art Posters French Homophones Poster


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