From Class to Proficiency Community that Actually Lasts All Year Long

All through practical, #real-life, actionable strategies rooted in proficiency that you can use tomorrow  


Practical & Comprehensible Summer 2022 

July 19-21st virtual conference 

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You don't need more PD notes that will forever live in your filing cabinet and/or scary desktop.

You need solutions. 

What you really want is to...

#1 See what all the fuss is about CI anyway

#2 See how real teachers are adjusting for next year  

#3 Learn how to transition to proficiency without midnight grading 

#4 Make steps towards  more thoughtful and inclusive classroom practice

#5 Finally have a LASTING strategy rooted in foundations that doesn't fizzle out on you in 2 weeks when your BTS momentum is over 

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The Speakers


Get ready for this hotfire speaker lineup. You won't want to miss this! 

Bryce Hedstrom

Comprehensible Input and Grammar-Based Instruction: Can They Get Along? 

Pav D of Fle Avec Mme D 

Centering Culture in the Core French Classroom through Routines

Bertha Delgadillo

The Power of Social Emotional Learning in the World Language Classroom Then & Now

Dr. Kami J. Anderson

Walking in Authenticity Through Language

Sherry Sebesta of World Language Café

25 Ways to Dramatically Improve Student Fluency

Devon Gunning - La Libre Language Learning

Reclaim Your Teacher Joy (or at Least Your Sanity)

Maria Jernigan - Redshift Education

The Secret to Unlocking Student Motivation (Especially to SPEAK in the Target Language!)

Allison Wienhold - Mis Clases Locas

Sustainable CI Routines

Yanina Jimenez

Brain-Friendly Teacher!

Erin Coleman - the Engaged Spanish Classroom

Going For It: Making the Leap to More Proficiency Oriented Grading and Assessment

Meg Fandel Vernon

Fostering Empathy and Relationships through CI Basics (Circling, TPR and Reading)

Tia Parnell - Parfaitement Parnell

Proficiency Through Project-Based Learning

Elizabeth Porter

Language with the Five Senses

Allison Litten

Clip Chat: How to Develop Activities and Routines for Successful Language Acquisition

Amy Marshall

Daily Check-Ins - Connecting & Setting the Tone in Every Class

Jennifer Degenhardt

Helpful Routines When Teaching a CI Novel - Starting from Scratch (with Theresa Marrama)

Angie Torre

13 Ways to Incorporate Comprehensible Input into your Lesson

Jessie Feliz

Spanish S.W.A.G. en la Clase de Español

Theresa Marrama

Helpful Routines When Teaching a CI Novel - Starting from Scratch (with Jennifer Degenhardt)

Tracy Rucker

Interculturality, Diversity, and Engagement in Our World Language Classrooms

Benjamin Tinsley - AfroFranco

Centering Black & Brown Voices from Level 1

Rachel Nye - Safe Space Teaching

Practical Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies

Jocelyn Hubbard

Game Changer: Three Top Tips for Creating an Inclusive & Welcoming World Language Class

Proficiency isn't a fad - it's the solution.

It's time to transform your class into the community that you and your students both want! 

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You've had the hardest year yet. 


Your energy is too important for outdated practice. 


Get a classroom you're proud of, no midnight grading required. 


Can never leave your work at work - you always feel like there's more to do and more to learn. 

You feel like you'll never catch up - the work just piles up and you're never sure if you're working on the right things. 

You know proficiency must be important, but you have little support  at school to make it happen. Who has time for that in a year like this? 

It's time to take proficiency off the back burner and see what's possible


simple, actionable lessons you can use tomorrow 

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Devon Gunning

Hi! I'm  a curriculum designer, consultant, and instructional coach for proficiency-style world language teachers. 

My specialties are social justice infused curriculum, teacher self care, Francophone culture, and novice low-mid CI resources. In my program Practical Proficiency, I help teachers transition from legacy methods to CI/Proficiency and still leave work on time. 

I created this summit for busy, like-minded teachers to start using CI as a way to streamline your classroom instead of adding to your workload. 

The Details


TUES July 19th through THURS July 21st 


In your jimjams, via virtual presentations in a FREE video platform. 


30 - 45 minute action packed class demos, lesson plan walkthroughs, workshops, and step-by-step guides geared for low-prep I-can-do-this-tomorrow ideas. All presentations are available for 24 hours for FREE viewing - see the LAUNCH package for lifetime access pricing. 


Hang out with like-minded teachers like you and get all the juicy details from the presenters in our free Facebook group - Practical & Comprehensible! Link to join after you register 


Giveaways to attendees throughout the event, but only in the Facebook group, so get on in there! 

Launchpad to Proficiency 

All Access Pass 

You're busy - and there's a lot of info here! Watch at anytime (like when you have time after hitting the pool) and with exclusive bonus materials by upgrading to the ALL-Access Pass. Special Early Bird Pricing when you buy before the event!

Get your free ticket

Register to get your free spot at the conference - you don't want to miss this lineup! 

What Makes Practical and Comprehensible So Different? 


This is a very different virtual conference experience than what you're used to. Instead of a disconnected series of lectures, this is a community-oriented virtual event with interviews, Q&As, teacher community, and a learning goal that keeps us focused through the event.

We're bound and determined to make the FOUNDATIONS aka the stuff we can't live without in our classroom practice to stick for you this year.  

Every single presenter was hand-selected by me because of their shared conviction that proficiency is the only way to reach every student in your room, keep your teacher sanity and joy, and get your students amazing acquisition results in the classroom. 

Mission: The conference has grown to be a much larger mission than my first scratches in my teacher planner a few years ago, but the purpose is the same:

Make proficiency through CI sustainable by connecting teachers with talented teacher presenters who unlock the joy, inclusivity + rejuvenation that proficiency brings to both students and teachers.

 All through practical ideas that teachers can use tomorrow.

We're here to make CI the norm through the power of community and practical ideas - you in? 

Not Your Average Teacher PD


This is PD run for teachers, by teachers. We know you don't have time for a frankenstein mess of perfect world lesson plans that take hours to put together and you can only use once. 

You need strategies that will work tomorrow for your very real class. Each class is  highly specific, and designed to teach you real strategies from CI veteran teachers rather than one and done activities.

You'll end with a FOUNDATION and routine base to make sure that Proficiency rooted in the magic of CI finally sticks this year, with less work from you and more results for your students. 

Here's what other teachers are saying!


Get your free ticket

Register to get your free spot at the conference - you don't want to miss this lineup! 

Here's what other teachers are saying!